Forest Visit

This summer, we’ve been craving time with friends. As a result, our weekends are full of travelling and we’ve been spending less time in the forest then last summer. Finally last weekend, Esker and I got out for a good forest visit.

untitled (5 of 6)Viper’s Bugloss – not native, (and maybe invasive?), but really pretty.

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St. John’s Wort is out in full force this year! Such a wonderful healing herb. Collect the flowers and buds, make an oil infusion, and then a salve. Great skin healing properties.

untitled (4 of 6) untitled (3 of 6)
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We collected a birthday bouquet for the lovely Katherine.

untitled (1 of 6)I dried the medicinal plants I found in Ikea sock holders. You can find these for 99 cents at any second hand shop.


Building my medicine chest

Still loving learning about healing with plants. I’m going to use the st.john’s wort infused oil in a healing salve with comfrey and calendula infused oil, and the yarrow tincture is a┬áversatile┬áherb that can do wonders for circulatory issues. We shall see if it works for me.

My favourite foraging basket.

My favourite foraging sister, Emily.