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This fall I decided to make Esker a tipi for his Christmas present. I’m not sure how long we will be able to get away with making Esker his Christmas present, but I am going to try for as long as I can! I looked around on Pinterest for my favourite design, and finally went with this tutorial from My Poppet.

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The tutorial recommends using one queen size bed sheet, but I wanted the tipi to be colourful so I chose three different striped bedsheets (all second hand).

untitled (2 of 4)As the tutorial suggests, I used seam tape for the ties, and made peg hooks around the outside of the tipi so that when it’s outside, we can stabilize it with tent pegs. I think it will be a pretty great shade structure in the summer because it’s light and airy.

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THEN we had the idea of adding lights to the interior. We bought some led lights that go into pockets that I added to the interior. Those lights have since gone AWOL, but when they were in there, it was pretty neat because could read in there and stuff. This is a great project. If you do it, choose material that you love so that (space permitting) you can keep it up all the time! Success!