New Favourite Summer Meal – Fish Tacos!

That’s right, Fish Taco’s with Green Tomato Salsa! Get your giggles out and get serious, this is supremely easy and delicious. You fry up a couple of sustainable fish fillets in onion and ground cumin (or coriander), and stir them about so that they end up in chunks. As soon as all the fish is opaque, take it off the heat and squeeze some lime juice onto it. Scrape up all the brown bits from the bottom of the pan, mix it in, and the fish is good to go (10 minutes).

Put the fish on a tortilla, then add any delicious salsa and some sour cream or greek yogurt and you’re sailing. I adapted a salsa recipe I found here (pictured below), because I had most of the ingredients in my back yard – great feeling. My version of “Season’s First Salsa” is as follows: Green tomatos, radishes (Hooray! A way to use radishes!), white onion, garlic scapes, cilantro, lime and olive oil. It. is. so. tasty.

From FIG AND FAUNA (great blog)

This delicious meal took one half hour to make from scratch. New favourite meal. Slam dunk.