Discover all the clues…

Since Southern Ontario is now the tropics our garden is huge. The curly parsley, Italian parsley, and basil we planted amongst our tomateys needed to be cut back. So I made….see if you can guess.

Did you guess? Yeah – pesto again! It’s healthy and freezable. There you have it – 3rd preserve of the summer – done.

Garlic Mustardo

Garlic Mustard Pesto

It certainly needs salt and parmesan and perhaps hot sauce if you’re so inclined, but it’s pretty good! Just use it like you would any green in a pesto. Deelish.


I used the newer leaves closer to the top near the flower, and only the 2nd year growth (shown above). I didn’t use the flowers or stalks, although you can. It was all over my yard (it’s all over all y’all yards), and it’s easy to harvest. An edible green that is readily available when no other green is. And you can freeze it like you would basil, just to have in the winter.

Processing prt. 1

Processing prt. 2

Baby approved.