Baby Bonnet

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I’ve made this bonnet twice now. I have a love for cute projects that are so easy that you barely have to think about them. This was something I stumbled upon while crocheting with Emily. I had crocheted a rectangle and was astounded to piece together that if I folded the rectangle and stitched one of the open lengthways sides, you have a bonnet. It was almost as if it was a recollected skill from another generation. Like in Clan of the Cave Bear*.

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The first bonnet I made, I gave to baby Oliver. For that one, I just made braided string pieces for the tie in the front. For this one (for a future baby), I had a stroke of genius – that if I do say so myself, multiplied the cuteness – use vintage fabric for the tie.

untitled (3 of 3)I didn’t have a baby model, so I propped up the bonnet and got the phantom baby effect. Sorry if it creeps you out:)

*Clan of the Bear is REQUIRED Woodsy Woman reading. Sooooooo good.