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This fall I decided to make Esker a tipi for his Christmas present. I’m not sure how long we will be able to get away with making Esker his Christmas present, but I am going to try for as long as I can! I looked around on Pinterest for my favourite design, and finally went with this tutorial from My Poppet.

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The tutorial recommends using one queen size bed sheet, but I wanted the tipi to be colourful so I chose three different striped bedsheets (all second hand).

untitled (2 of 4)As the tutorial suggests, I used seam tape for the ties, and made peg hooks around the outside of the tipi so that when it’s outside, we can stabilize it with tent pegs. I think it will be a pretty great shade structure in the summer because it’s light and airy.

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THEN we had the idea of adding lights to the interior. We bought some led lights that go into pockets that I added to the interior. Those lights have since gone AWOL, but when they were in there, it was pretty neat because could read in there and stuff. This is a great project. If you do it, choose material that you love so that (space permitting) you can keep it up all the time! Success!



If anyone ever wants to make my life, just surprise me by sending me some hand picked fat quarters and a mini pom pom tool in the mail.


I haven’t gotten my grubby little hands on this bad boy yet, what with all of the holiday crocheting, but rest assured, I will be making pom pom bunting.

Thank you my dear Andrea of the Hammera.



And here’s where I would have stayed had Obama lost the election. HA! Just (sort of) joking! I made a new duvet cover recently and here it is! I bought the fabric about two and a half years ago and for some reason, had not gotten around to putting it together until this past weekend.

Someone should tell my past self that making a duvet cover is like making a giant pillow case, and then the cumbersome amount of material might not have scared me off. I just eye balled the whole project. I barely even pinned anything. It took about three hours including the buttons and button holes. Home dec projects are always worth it.

The vintage quilt looks quite lovely on the new ruffle duvet if I do say so…

It’s winter. A cozy, clean bed is what you need. Duvet cover: check.