DIY Cream Cheese

untitled (1 of 5)Like many a woodsy woman, I enjoy hibernating in the winter. And by hibernating, I mean staying inside, playing board games and eating fatty foods. Here is my first foray into cream cheese making. I used yogurt.

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It’s easy. You just separate the solid stuff from the whey (liquid stuff) by using a strainer and cheese cloth. Here are the instructions I used.

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I think next go I’ll use actual cream. This cream cheese tasted suspiciously yogurt-like. But with yogurt, you also get the whey, which can be valuable if you are into fermentation. Which I have just begun to learn about.

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Esker digs it. I think all in all, it was a success. Even though my supervisor (below) was a tad intimidating.

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Lovely Christmas

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We have a Christmas tradition now of a family sing-a long on Christmas Day. It’s very enjoyable. Arguably, this year the most successful tunes were Old Man (Neil) and Tennessee Waltz (traditional). I tried to make everyone sing this song, and everyone did great! Perhaps next year we’ll get into the harmony.

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Last year, many, many, precious vintage and handmade tree ornaments were destroyed by ruckus-ing children and animals. So we’ve packed those ornaments away for 10-20 years, and made our own ornaments this year. We helped my wonderful and very pregnant friend Rachel make dough art ornaments when we were at her house in December, and then ran home and made them ourselves.

untitled (3 of 7) Sooo easy. Very fun to decorate with Eskeroodle Doodle.

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Still have just under a week of vacation! Hoorah! There will likely be a lot of skiing and boardgames. And making things.






If anyone ever wants to make my life, just surprise me by sending me some hand picked fat quarters and a mini pom pom tool in the mail.


I haven’t gotten my grubby little hands on this bad boy yet, what with all of the holiday crocheting, but rest assured, I will be making pom pom bunting.

Thank you my dear Andrea of the Hammera.



I made this scarf for a best buddy recently. It was a collaborative project. We were trying to copy Yokoo.

Just a simple crochet rib stitch with big yarn. It ended up being about 7 inches wide and 5-6 feet long, and took me about 8 hours total crochet time.


Blessingway flags

I just attended a blessing way where everyone wrote birthing messages on pieces of fabric and I sewed them into flags. I got the idea from Marianne at Elderberry Herbals.

They’re meant to be strung up outside your house when you’re in labour…

…but I think our girl might just put them up in her house – they’re pretty!


A Really Nice Summer

We gardened, and visited loved ones, swam in lakes and rivers, went on many walks in the woods…

….drank whiskey on the porch with old, cherished friends, sang to the night air and were visited by a flying squirrel…

…continued to process grief, rekindled an important practice, and celebrated life.

Town Fair

Alnis and some best buddies took Esker to the town fair and he is still asking me if I remember how great it was.

Photos by Alni