Eight point star

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Someone hand pieced, and then hand quilted this double eight point star quilt. And then, decades later, I found it at my favourite local thrift shop. For $40 (*mind blowing*).

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All vintage fabrics. I could stare at it for hours.

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This is the only thing to do with your scraps, fellow sewing folk.

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First Hunt

I am a bit of a junkaholic, so in celebration of my birthday I packed up the car with my bud Emily and we drove a heckofa long way to visit a secret junk shop in an enchanted forest. I found some treasures. Including the Swedish cookbook above written by a Swedish lady for her American husband. I know someone who will be making gravlax this summer…

And here’s where I will put the face cream I make from Rosemary Gladstar’s book Medicinal Herbs; A Beginner’s Guide (also a birthday gift to myself). And there is where I will put a hot pot.

Vintage Quilting Pieces

There is a thrift shop in a town near our house and it has hands down, the greatest vintage fabric scraps and general crafting nik naks. But when I found this mother-load of pre-cut vintage quilting pieces I thought I was on candid camera. And it actually was comical how fast I stuffed these into my basket. How ridiculous are those dresden plates?

as if

for serious - this was $1

I will not tell you where this place is. I will take it to my grave.