Herb explosion!

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Oregano anyone? What does one do with enormous amounts of oregano? There is only so much spaghetti sauce one family can make. Especially when the tomatoes have barely flowered. I’m finding that so far this year, not much is doing well besides the herbs. They are OUT of control. We also have a SHIP ton of mint  – mmmm mojitos!

And then it got colder

No frost yet, but certainly time for fall jackets and wool socks mmmm.

The time has come for seed saving and preserving.

Cucumber seeds are best collected from over ripe cucumbers that have been sitting for approx. two weeks after harvest. You scrape out the seeds, separate the seeds from any cucumber flesh, and then ferment them for a few days to get rid of the gelatinous sack. Then you rinse them and dry them, and store them away for next year. Really digging seed saving right now.

This salsa was so good, those six jars are almost gone already. M’serious. Just plain ol’ Bernardin vegetable salsa recipe.

These giant flower heads are approximately15lbs each – fyi. Tomorrow we’ll harvest most things and tuck the gardens in for the winter.




Summer Colouriffic

I can’t help taking pictures of the things we get from our garden. I am endlessly amazed at what has grown. Although, that pickling cucumber might be the only one of those we got. So many lemon cucumbers though.

This sunflower is over 10 feet tall. There are 6 of them. I haven’t decided yet if they make sense, but they are certainly neato. A friend who dropped by told us that the stalks harden and become next to indestructible, so perhaps we’ll be able to use them for a garden structure next year – WHO KNOWS?

Herb bed – all of the herbs did great this year.

We planted these beans after the peas were done in July and have gotten many, many beans.

Summertime harvesting

Before dinner these days, I go out into the yard at get a bunch of herbs and veggies. It’s. the. best.

Herbs and green tomatoes.

Those are ‘lemon cucumbers’ – they’re very tasty with balsamic vinegar.

My calendula is finally in bloom:)

Sleepy Tea

Sleepy Tea recipe here for restless little ones who cannot settle down before the sun does. Really beautiful and useful post on a blog that is new to me, but I can tell will be a favourite. I love the idea of giving wee ones herbal tea. Looking forward to trying this one on our restless little adventurer this evening.

Discover all the clues…

Since Southern Ontario is now the tropics our garden is huge. The curly parsley, Italian parsley, and basil we planted amongst our tomateys needed to be cut back. So I made….see if you can guess.

Did you guess? Yeah – pesto again! It’s healthy and freezable. There you have it – 3rd preserve of the summer – done.