Sewing for Summer


Guys. I made this all by myself.

It’s the Wiksten tank! I had been thinking my sewing skills weren’t quite up to par with this pattern, but my great bud Emily was very encouraging, so I tried. Another shout out to Emily because she gave me this sweet fabric one year for my birthday. Side note: If you ever want to make my birthday, give me vintage fabric. Everyone should try to make this tank – it’s versatile and hip. But beginner sewers beware: did you know that curved hems are really hard to sew? After I botched my first attempt (big time), I went online for tips. I ended up making slits in the fabric to try and get a smooth hem line, and even that only sort of worked for me. This part of the pattern alone would have made a course like this one worthwhile. I very well might still take it. For now, I love my new Wiksten tank and can’t wait to wear it with jean shorts this summer. YES!


Wool Scarf


It. is. -30. So it’s a good thing I’ve finished this huge wool scarf. It’s crocheted using a stitch that looks a bit woven. For the crocheters: (sc, ch, sc) across, then (sc in previous row’s ch, ch, sc in previous row ch) and so on. Clearly, I am biting Yokoo‘s style big time. Thanks for modelling EmBEE! St-t-t-tay warm friends.

Wool Longies


Wool longies are my favourite thing to make. Shrunken wool sweaters aren’t garbage…they’re gold. Especially those of the cashmere variety. These ones were made for a friend and found their way back to me when I had my new one. I tend to stitch them by hand with a blanket stitch and embroidery thread and recently started lanolizing them so they can also be a cloth diaper cover. You can learn how to make sweater pants/longies here. Learn the great things about wool here and how to lanolize here.

Baby and Baby Toque


I had dreams of making my new baby a quilt, all by hand, with hand dyed fabrics over the course of my pregnancy. That did not come close to happening, because a) I was working full time b) I have a 4 year old and c) I was nauseous for 7 months. I didn’t even really go outside the whole time. Like my first pregnancy, I watched a lot of television, horizontal. But I was able to get it together and make a baby toque for just after the birth. I picked up some alpaca yarn from our local market, made sure it was the softest they had, and made two similar toques – one for a very wee baby head (above) and one for a larger baby head – just my luck – our baby had a great big head (below).


Annika was 9lbs, 6 ounces and born at home – by accident. The labour went a lot faster than we expected – I was only in active labour for about 2 hours. We didn’t have enough time to call the midwife and necessary people and get our 4 year old ready to go before I could feel her head. It was nutso. When the baby was coming out (without pushing – what?), it was just my little family there, Alnis on the phone with the 911 operator. Shortly after, we had about 12 people in the house (ambulance first responders, our great buddies who were meant to be at the birth, Alnis’s Dad, and the midwives), and the vibe was celebratory. Annika was making so many sweet little noises that the midwives said she would be a singer.