Cold Saturday

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Photo by Alnis

To be clear, this is Moo Moo’s cold Saturday. Our cold Saturday usually consists of Alnis and I running around Moo Moo desperately trying to get laundry, cleaning, groceries and cooking done while trying to fit in some outside play for Esker. It looks a lot like warm Saturdays actually, except we’re wearing wool sweaters and socks.

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Photo by Alnis


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  1. Saw your posting about wanting to get into lacto-fermentation. Yoghurt is only made from 2-5 probiotics, so saving the whey only seeds your ferments with those three (not the best choice if you’re looking for a wide variety of flavours, and a probiotic that’s hundreds of times as population dense and diverse as the pills you can empty your wallet for). I recommend you look into making a cabbage rejuvelac starter culture, and save your whey for soaking nuts, seeds, grains, and beans (the latter two, before cooking them). Happy fermentations!

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