DIY Cream Cheese

untitled (1 of 5)Like many a woodsy woman, I enjoy hibernating in the winter. And by hibernating, I mean staying inside, playing board games and eating fatty foods. Here is my first foray into cream cheese making. I used yogurt.

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It’s easy. You just┬áseparate┬áthe solid stuff from the whey (liquid stuff) by using a strainer and cheese cloth. Here are the instructions I used.

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I think next go I’ll use actual cream. This cream cheese tasted suspiciously yogurt-like. But with yogurt, you also get the whey, which can be valuable if you are into fermentation. Which I have just begun to learn about.

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Esker digs it. I think all in all, it was a success. Even though my supervisor (below) was a tad intimidating.

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