The forest gave us berries

Many berries were collected in the forest behind my house this season.

We never harvested quite enough to freeze or preserve – and I think it might have had  something to do with my gathering partner – exhibit A is shown above.

There were red raspberries and black berries everywhere in July.

The kids, sharing berries:)




2 thoughts on “The forest gave us berries

  1. Hello Brooke,
    Just a quick note to tell you every new post on your blog is a nice break in my day. It is very nice to see Esker becoming such a awesome little boy and it is very funny to see we are having the same issue (berrie eaters kiddos) and making the same things at the same time (I just made 2 Wiksten tanks when you post about it!). I dont know if you know Soul Mama (she has a blog, wrote books and is co-author of a magazine called Taproot) but I think you would love it (I have 3 of her books and a subscription to the magazine). I tried to find you on ravelry to stay up-to-date in your crochet project but I could not find you their! Anyway, this message starts looking more like an email than a comment! Let me know if you’d like to go out one of this day: I dont live far from the workroom!

    • brookie on said:

      Celine! Nice to hear from you! So glad you like WW! I will check out Soul Mama and certainly let you know the next time I’m in town for a workroom class:) We could go for a burger or sumthin.
      Oh – my name on Ravelry is Brookieandherhook. I haven’t ever posted there, but maybe I’ll start now. Crocheting season is upon us!

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