Summertime harvesting

Before dinner these days, I go out into the yard at get a bunch of herbs and veggies. It’s. the. best.

Herbs and green tomatoes.

Those are ‘lemon cucumbers’ – they’re very tasty with balsamic vinegar.

My calendula is finally in bloom:)

Cottage on Black Lake

Weekends have been precious and booked right up this summer. This past weekend we went to the family cottage on Black Lake, Ontario. CHECK those cottage windows.

It was grey on one of the days, which gave us the perfect opportunity to shop/nap/watch movies.

These salt and pepper shakers had me at hello.

They are properly displayed, in all their glory, on one of the cottage window sills. Yes, they are each affixed to a long stick with a handle at the end:)

More cottage decor.

You have to eat while in your bathing suit when you’re at the cottage.

Cottage kitchen.

Cottage art.

Cottage night. It was very cottagey there.

Building my medicine chest

Still loving learning about healing with plants. I’m going to use the st.john’s wort infused oil in a healing salve with comfrey and calendula infused oil, and the yarrow tincture is a versatile herb that can do wonders for circulatory issues. We shall see if it works for me.

My favourite foraging basket.

My favourite foraging sister, Emily.

The forest gave us berries

Many berries were collected in the forest behind my house this season.

We never harvested quite enough to freeze or preserve – and I think it might have had  something to do with my gathering partner – exhibit A is shown above.

There were red raspberries and black berries everywhere in July.

The kids, sharing berries:)