New Favourite Summer Meal – Fish Tacos!

That’s right, Fish Taco’s with Green Tomato Salsa! Get your giggles out and get serious, this is supremely easy and delicious. You fry up a couple of sustainable fish fillets in onion and ground cumin (or coriander), and stir them about so that they end up in chunks. As soon as all the fish is opaque, take it off the heat and squeeze some lime juice onto it. Scrape up all the brown bits from the bottom of the pan, mix it in, and the fish is good to go (10 minutes).

Put the fish on a tortilla, then add any delicious salsa and some sour cream or greek yogurt and you’re sailing. I adapted a salsa recipe I found here (pictured below), because I had most of the ingredients in my back yard – great feeling. My version of “Season’s First Salsa” is as follows: Green tomatos, radishes (Hooray! A way to use radishes!), white onion, garlic scapes, cilantro, lime and olive oil. It. is. so. tasty.

From FIG AND FAUNA (great blog)

This delicious meal took one half hour to make from scratch. New favourite meal. Slam dunk.


Sleepy Tea

Sleepy Tea recipe here for restless little ones who cannot settle down before the sun does. Really beautiful and useful post on a blog that is new to me, but I can tell will be a favourite. I love the idea of giving wee ones herbal tea. Looking forward to trying this one on our restless little adventurer this evening.

Look it

Go here for baby clothes eye candy/inspiration for all of you woodsy clothing sewers (Soor Plume).

Discover all the clues…

Since Southern Ontario is now the tropics our garden is huge. The curly parsley, Italian parsley, and basil we planted amongst our tomateys needed to be cut back. So I made….see if you can guess.

Did you guess? Yeah – pesto again! It’s healthy and freezable. There you have it – 3rd preserve of the summer – done.

It’s time

Making salve is one of my favourite activities. I’ve been infusing some oil with Calendula flowers I bought at Richters a couple of months ago. Calendula is great for healing skin BECAUSE it has antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Thanks to the miracle of fat solubility, these properties transfer to the oil when they sit together in the right conditions. I had the oil and flowers together on a hot sunny window sill of my house, and after about a month, James Green and Rosemary Gladstar told me, Brooke – it’s time.

My work. space.

Gently heating the oil and some beeswax. One cup of oil to one ounce beeswax makes a really prefect salve consistency I think.

If you are using essential oils in your salve, dropping the oil into the jar before you pour in the hot salve mixture will produce the nice even results.

I like these little ones. I will keep one in my purse thank you.

Pssst – it’s all the same salve. I also made a Baby Bum Salve label, but that went off with Esker to toddler day camp before I could take a picture of it. My favourites are the wee ones. Hooray for salve.