Baby Phoebes

We’ve been watching these little doodles since they were eggs because they are nesting on our front porch. Look how big they’ve gotten!

The little birds became fledglings today – perhaps a little prematurely because of Alnis’s insistent lens in their faces – but Alni reports that they flew just fine. Much to the chagrin of Mama and Papa phoebe, who were clicking furiously at the photographer. Good luck little ones! The night is dark and full of terrors!

First Hunt

I am a bit of a junkaholic, so in celebration of my birthday I packed up the car with my bud Emily and we drove a heckofa long way to visit a secret junk shop in an enchanted forest. I found some treasures. Including the Swedish cookbook above written by a Swedish lady for her American husband. I know someone who will be making gravlax this summer…

And here’s where I will put the face cream I make from Rosemary Gladstar’s book Medicinal Herbs; A Beginner’s Guide (also a birthday gift to myself). And there is where I will put a hot pot.

Summer Baby Pants


Check out these baby pants. The pattern is literally two rectangles and a square and if you use light fabric, they make PERFECT summer baby pants. If you use heavy fabric, they are pretty darn cute winter baby pants. Although, if I made a winter pair, I might not cinch the bottom – or maybe I would! Maybe I’d do BOTH!

I like to keep Eskie’s legs covered when he’s playing outside in the summer, because we live in the woods and there are ticks and poison ivy and other skin irritants abound. Also, to protect his little legsies from the sun.

I learned about this bloomer pants pattern from Alnis’s Aunt Linda who made them for Alni and his cousins when they were wee lads and now makes them for the new generation of cousins. They were on a farm near Tweed, ON and wore these perfect pants all summer. You can get the pattern at Folkwear along with other kids clothing patterns. I will be making 100’s of these for all my friends with babies. And next I will tackle the Turkish tunic and Nepali Chupa.

I used a seersucker fabric that I scored at Mrs. Huizenga on Roncy a few years ago. Seersucker is a pretty great light baby clothes fabric. I’ve also considered re-purposing vintage pillowcases for baby pant purposes, because it’s about the right amount of fabric required for the small size. A place like Shabby Sheets might have some inspirational vintage sheet patterns.

Lots of diadee room too. I’m telling you – perfect. Make them.


I love Lupines

Lupins aren’t native, but they grow wild in a field behind my house and I am in love with them.

Wiki knows a lot about Lupines, including: you can eat the peas that appear after the flower! Also, they are good companion plants for cucumber, squash, spinach and broccoli. HeyOO.

They are pretty much woodland fairies to me. I can’t get enough of Lupines.

So purdy.