Garlic Mustardo

Garlic Mustard Pesto

It certainly needs salt and parmesan and perhaps hot sauce if you’re so inclined, but it’s pretty good! Just use it like you would any green in a pesto. Deelish.


I used the newer leaves closer to the top near the flower, and only the 2nd year growth (shown above). I didn’t use the flowers or stalks, although you can. It was all over my yard (it’s all over all y’all yards), and it’s easy to harvest. An edible green that is readily available when no other green is. And you can freeze it like you would basil, just to have in the winter.

Processing prt. 1

Processing prt. 2

Baby approved.


Lilac Jelly

I made it gelled - YA!

Last summer we made the slightly unrealistic goal of making one preserve per week. BUT if you count freezing, I’m thinking this year it’s doable. First one – done. And guess what – it gelled. I was shocked. I roughly followed the recipe found at The 3 Foragers .




Tomatoes and Herbs

We got down to business this weekend, built two beds and were able to plant some herbs and tomatoes.

We planted our tomateys with marigolds, and basil. Companion planting wut wut.

Tomateys - four heritage varieties

We were also able to plant beets, carrots, leeks and lettuce mix in with our sprouted onions. Pretty much killed it this weekend.

We kept our herbs in their pots, because we’ll have to move them later in the summer, but I’m thinking this buried pot idea is a good one BECAUSE, we keep the herbs inside in the winter AND herbs can be hard to contain when they are directly in the beds – ahem MINT, I’m looking directly at you.

Finished tomato basil bed.

Eskee helped.

Two interesting tidbits I learned this weekend from much gardening reading: You should water tomato plants gently from the bottom, not spray over the plant. ALSO, if you smoke, you should always wash your hands before handling tomatoes because there is a disease that effects tomato plants that can be transferred through tobacco – I DID not know that.

Fibre Arts

Last weekend the men went on a fishing trip and the women stayed home with the babies and dogs. We cooked delicious food and had a fire, and went to the Peterborough Fibre Arts Festival. It was great.


I didn’t buy anything because it was a bit of a whirlwind with the toddlers aching for the slide at the park, but I did notice a used Kaffe Fassett book that I snapped up for 5 bones. Score.

Neato presentation

Play table

More play table

I would have bought many of these if it weren't for the park screaming my name

Would have bought many 2

Baby Present

I made this bunting for our Irish friends who had a baby about a year ago. Soon it will be in the mail to Galway.

I call the fabric combo "Seventies Bedroom"

I didn’t here, but usually I use seam tape for the top of the bunting –  makes the project a little easier. This was one of my first forays into applique:)

Easy peez

Siomha (pronounced SHEE-va). Yeah it is.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of it intermingled with my laundry art.