Little Cottage

My favourite place to walk from my house is through the woods to a cottage just south of us. I consider myself the unofficial steward of the property because the owner is rarely there. I tell myself I’m just making sure everything is in order.

It is surrounded by overgrown forsythia, bulb flowers growing up through the grass and what look like ancient apples trees. AND there is also a decrepit, overgrown old tennis court – so strange and a bit creepy. Very Grey Gardens.


I have also found a great big high-bush cranberry shrub and big patches of nettle – gold. I think I’ll probably have to leave a note or something if I ever end up harvesting anything. Or maybe dropping by when the shutters are open:)

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)

On my way home from this visit I found some Bloodroot!!! I’ve heard it can be a great natural dye. There were only a few on the path I took home, so not suitable for harvesting. But, it sure was fun to identify – golly gee.


Birthday in the forest

I love bunting

Esker’s 2nd birthday is April 30th, so we held a little celebration this past weekend. It was lovely:)

The birthday boy

We had a bubble maker

Pulled pork and samosa feast

I love present art

Happy guys

Aw, cuddle smiles

They're looking at the pond after we told them there was a crocodile in it


Pin cherry (Prunus pensylvanica)

I’m ignoring the winter weather that’s on the way tomorrow. This is what it looks like around our place in early spring:)

Papa and Esker planting seeds

preferred mode of travel

Vintage Quilting Pieces

There is a thrift shop in a town near our house and it has hands down, the greatest vintage fabric scraps and general crafting nik naks. But when I found this mother-load of pre-cut vintage quilting pieces I thought I was on candid camera. And it actually was comical how fast I stuffed these into my basket. How ridiculous are those dresden plates?

as if

for serious - this was $1

I will not tell you where this place is. I will take it to my grave.


Kombucha’s good for your guts

I actually don’t know much about the benefits of kombucha, but I did hear a great radio lab episode about guts that makes me believe we need some beneficial bacteria down there. I use quite a bit of raw sugar, and black jasmine tea for mine. It’s good. I like it.


not the most appetizing thing ever I guess