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Welcome back Me! I’m BACK ON MAT LEAVE, so I have time to journal again. Here’s one of my first projects since new li’l baby was Annika was born. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room, nursing new baby and looking up at a previously blank wall. I thought i’d make it more lively with some mix matched frames with some cool graphics I’ve had lying around. The big one is a print from a 2012 calendar, the bear/birds/squirrel are cards given to me by great people, and the bottom one is an illustration of yours truly done by my good buddy Scotty McFadyen. It’s based on a photo of me headed out to a questionably themed party in university to which I decided to wear a blonde wig. Isn’t there an old adage about blondes? That’s probably what I was going for.


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This fall I decided to make Esker a tipi for his Christmas present. I’m not sure how long we will be able to get away with making Esker his Christmas present, but I am going to try for as long as I can! I looked around on Pinterest for my favourite design, and finally went with this tutorial from My Poppet.

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The tutorial recommends using one queen size bed sheet, but I wanted the tipi to be colourful so I chose three different striped bedsheets (all second hand).

untitled (2 of 4)As the tutorial suggests, I used seam tape for the ties, and made peg hooks around the outside of the tipi so that when it’s outside, we can stabilize it with tent pegs. I think it will be a pretty great shade structure in the summer because it’s light and airy.

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THEN we had the idea of adding lights to the interior. We bought some led lights that go into pockets that I added to the interior. Those lights have since gone AWOL, but when they were in there, it was pretty neat because could read in there and stuff. This is a great project. If you do it, choose material that you love so that (space permitting) you can keep it up all the time! Success!



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I like home-made, simple Christmas decorations best. One snowy Saturday in late November, some friends were over and we took a hike in the woods. We collected pine cones all along the way – it had just snowed, and was no easy feat – cut some cedar boughs from the cedar hedge along our yard, and made some simple decorations.

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Pine cone bunting!

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We have some pretty glass decorations for the tree, but the CATS always BREAK THEM (cats hate Christmas) and I wasn’t up for that, so our tree had about 10 decorations on it. All of which had been given to us, or handmade by friends.

We went without a advent calendar this year, mostly because I want to get an advent set that I love and will last for years. This advent solution is what I like the most so far:

advent proverbial daisies

By Proverbial Daisies.

Hosting truffles

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Everyone always gives wine to the hosts. I wanted to try making a batch of truffles and giving those out instead. My best buddy at work Mirjana and I made plans one Friday to make these up and it was dead easy. Here’s the dairy free truffle recipe we used.  They were delicious.

untitled (2 of 5)I ended up using the truffles as teacher gifts as well. CUTE HUH? Recommendable holiday activity, this truffle making.


Herb explosion!

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Oregano anyone? What does one do with enormous amounts of oregano? There is only so much spaghetti sauce one family can make. Especially when the tomatoes have barely flowered. I’m finding that so far this year, not much is doing well besides the herbs. They are OUT of control. We also have a SHIP ton of mint  - mmmm mojitos!

Forest Visit

This summer, we’ve been craving time with friends. As a result, our weekends are full of travelling and we’ve been spending less time in the forest then last summer. Finally last weekend, Esker and I got out for a good forest visit.

untitled (5 of 6)Viper’s Bugloss – not native, (and maybe invasive?), but really pretty.

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St. John’s Wort is out in full force this year! Such a wonderful healing herb. Collect the flowers and buds, make an oil infusion, and then a salve. Great skin healing properties.

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We collected a birthday bouquet for the lovely Katherine.

untitled (1 of 6)I dried the medicinal plants I found in Ikea sock holders. You can find these for 99 cents at any second hand shop.